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Founded in a Vancouver basement in 1995 by HiDe, Northly began as a humble pottery studio driven solely by a passion for ceramics. Over the years, it has evolved into a multidimensional art space in Otaru, Japan.

Fortunately, our Vancouver studio flourished, becoming a haven for numerous artists.

After spending nearly three decades abroad, we felt compelled to connect people through art in our hometown of Hokkaido—a new chapter in our journey.
Northly is more than just an art studio; it's a vision to unite people beyond nationality and race through the transformative power of art.

Every corner of our space is designed to embody this ethos. We've hand-renovated a traditional Japanese house, sparing no old materials. Our tables are crafted from plaster walls that we've stripped back, while our walls are adorned with hand-painted Japanese paper. Even the ceiling features unique cut-outs, creating an airy and open atmosphere. All lighting fixtures are handmade by HiDe because the space itself should be a work of art, a shared experience for all who visit.
Whether you're an artist or simply here to soak in the experience, all are welcome. For those looking to savor the art of dining, we offer culinary delights. We also have art-inspired apparel for the fashion-forward. As our mantra 'Art as Life' suggests, we aim to connect people around the world who value every second of their existence. Come, be a part of this living tapestry.


Located in the picturesque town of Otaru, Northly offers more than just a space for creative exploration. We stand at the crossroads of Hokkaido, where abundant nature and rich cultural heritage intersect. Just 40 minutes away from Sapporo's bustling city, we blend urban energy and traditional allure. For adventurers, the world-renowned Niseko ski resort is just a stone's throw away, while wine enthusiasts can explore exquisite vintages in the nearby town of Yoichi. Whether the land's serenity or the vibrant local culture sparks your creativity, Northly has it all.


Otaru, where Northly is located, stands as a stellar example of Hokkaido's allure, blending the natural beauty of both mountains and sea with a historic townscape. Within walking distance from Northly, you'll find an array of historical landmarks such as the Noh Theater built in 1926, Sumiyoshi Shrine, Tenjo-ji Temple, and the Sakaushi Residence designed by Yoshiya Tanoue, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright. The area is also home to the enchanting Otaru Park, known for its beautiful birch forest. Here, time seems to slow down. As you take a morning walk in the crisp air, you'll feel as if the clutter in your soul is dissolving away.

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