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About Northly's Art Space:

  • We offer various spaces where you can unleash your creativity.

  • Showcase your art as part of the building, be it painting, sculpture, or ceramics.

  • Specific areas, such as a 30cm square on the ceiling, are available for your artistic expression.

  • We provide suggestions for display spaces based on your stay duration and artwork style.

Video & Moving Art:

  • Display opportunities are available within Northly's video screening facilities.

  • Consider showcasing your work on Northly's website or YouTube channel.

Regarding the Ceramics Studio Usage:

  • Studio access is available.

  • Fees apply depending on the number of pieces you wish to fire, and material costs, such as annual fees, are separate.

  • For those seeking guidance or advice from HiDe, support is provided once a week for 1.5 hours.

Participation Eligibility & Review:​

  • Participation is open even if you're not a professional artist.

  • A preliminary review is required. Please submit your portfolio.

Northly's Vision:

  • As more artists participate, Northly evolves as a collective piece of art.

  • Art is an integral part of our lives, akin to the air we breathe.

Artist-in-Residence & Pottery Studio Use

  • Basic Rate: US$70 per day

    • Firing and materials are extra

  • Discounts Based on Length of Stay

    • 22-28 days: 5% discount (refunded after stay)

    • 29-35 days: 10% discount (refunded after stay)

    • 36 days or more: 15% discount (refunded after stay)

  • Payment Terms

    • Initial payment is required upfront without any discounts

    • Discounts will be refunded after confirming the actual length of stay

Amenities Included in Your Stay

Studio & Work

  • Studio Use: Includes use of pottery wheel.

    • Note: Material fees for clay and glaze, as well as firing costs, are extra. Works made can be shipped.

  • Workspace Desk: For sketching, writing, or computer work.

  • Tool Storage: Useful especially if the studio is shared.

Living Space

  • Room Choices: Choose between Japanese-style or Western-style rooms.

  • Room Capacity: Each room can be shared by up to 4 people.

  • Futon: For a comfortable sleep.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning: Air conditioning available in the cafe area.

  • Common Area/Lounge: A place to relax and engage in casual conversations.

Kitchen & Dining

  • Shared Kitchen: To be shared with the cafe kitchen located downstairs.

Bathroom Amenities

  • Shower & Toilet: Private facilities for your use.

  • Essentials: Includes shampoo, hot water, and a hair dryer.

Convenience & Safety

  • Free WiFi: Stay connected.

  • Free Parking: Available on the premises.

  • Washer: For your laundry needs.

  • First Aid Kit: Because safety is important, especially when working with studio tools.

Additional Amenities

  • Hangers: For your clothing.

  • Iron and Ironing Board: Useful for event preparation or fabric work.

  • Public Transport Info: Provided if the studio isn't centrally located.

  • Local Maps/Guides: Handy for newcomers to the area.

  • Outdoor Smoking Area: Designated area for smokers, as the interior is non-smoking.

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